Bokashi Kasai 8" Slicing Knife

Bokashi Kasai 8" Slicing Knife

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After the natural selection process of 1000s of years of forging and the most cutting-edge blacksmith techniques, we are proud to bring the BOKASHI KASAI series.

A marvel in which to rival the greatest chefs knives on the planet. 

Forged in the traditional Japanese methods The KASAI 8" Slicing Knife boasts a beautiful full tang blade with a unique scorching pattern finished with fine craftsmanship from tip to bolster. High-performance steel, razor-sharp edge, perfect balance, and precision cutting control. The steel is Japanese AUS10A—highly refined, high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel that takes a razor-sharp edge and holds it longer  
The extra-wide blade allows for a larger surface error to allow the wrist more control, support and extreme durability for even the toughest of kitchens.
The BOKASHI KASAI 8" Slicing Knife blade is forged in such a way that the razor edge holds up for longer periods of time and easily honed back at any time.

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