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Valentines Day Crab linguine with chilli & parsley (Serve with wine!) - A simple and easy to make Crab & Chilli Linguine packed with flavour is the perfect Valentines day treat!
Soooo…. this is a GENERAL recipe for a Ragu that I do round here. It’s special to me. The kids will eat it. That’s special in my books. Its dead simple, tasty and so legit anyone can make it. Its not fancy, but when its dropped on the table… GAME CHANGER! Serve with ANY pasta, but I am a Gnocchi or fat noodle pasta guy myself…Much Love!!
You want a meal for the guests that will impress and not be a ton of work? I hear ya. Hit this one up! SUPER easy to knock off and a lot of substitutes can be made to suit to you! Give this one a shot. The Mustard Beer Cream that I served with it is a mind blaster as well… so many uses… cheers y’all!
Legit in a rush? No Problem my friends. Let’s get this to the table and eating in 25 min! Serious, this isn’t a joke. Let's do it and get on to the drinks later. Much Love!
This is LITERALLY the easiest Hollandaise you will ever make… granted, you will need a SOUS VIDE unit for it. Let’s be real, everyone has one now… If you don’t, you should get on it! No joke, you want this in your book of things to pull out and impress! 
So here’s the thing… I love Mussels. They are so easy and quick to make. So versatile as well. So many different ways to prepare them. Here is a classic version with a bit of a twist on it, as usual! Much Love!!

So I have had a lot of questions about this one. You DONT have to use flank, BUT it works so well in this recipe. Plus, it makes a damn good taco and salad addition. No joke, this is a summer go to… or a mid winter “I need a pick me up” jumper! You are going to love it! I approve! Get the Cerveza going!! Much Love!!

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